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Our story

Welcome to Our Story. At Doudou, our journey is one of love and dedication to our furry companions. Join us as we share the heartfelt tale behind our commitment to crafting premium pet care solutions.

A Small Dog That Changed Everything

In 2011, Kesiah and Eduardo welcomed DouDou into their lives, a small and adorable Pomeranian dog. One day, their caretaker decided to bring DouDou to the office because they missed him a lot while working, and to their surprise, he won the hearts of everyone. From then on, DouDou started accompanying her every day.

Soon, he became the official "pet" of the company, and everyone insisted that he should have an Instagram account

because "he was born to be a star!" they said.

In a short amount of time, the account began to grow, leading to collaborations with brands and products. They expanded their furry family by adopting three Pomeranians, created a TikTok account, organized events in Barcelona, appeared in press, radio, and television, gave talks at events, and became the face of international brands. They also provided specialized information on Pomeranian care.

“After years of searching for the ideal products for the care of our Pomeranians, we realized that there was no one who met all our criteria for the care of our little ones. We knew what we wanted, and what we didn't, what worked and what didn't.


That's why we assembled a group of experts with extensive experience from various countries and presented them with our dream: DOUDOU.


The result: a natural and luxurious care line, free from everything we didn't like, without compromising the results we cherish so much.” K.C.

DOUDOU is designed to care for the coats of dogs and cats, delivering incredible results in breeds such as Yorkshires, Maltese, Poodles, and, of course, Pomeranians. The DOUDOU care ritual soothes the skin and provides hydration and nourishment with just a small amount of product. It's an excellent choice for puppies and dogs with allergies due to its gentle formulation and mild cleansing. It's also ideal for groomers seeking a premium product that is gentle on their hands and delivers outstanding results. DOUDOU is currently available for purchase in Europe and the United States, with offices in Barcelona and Miami.

After years of exploring and trying numerous products, they knew exactly what worked and which were the best for their Pomeranians. Therefore, in 2021, they decided to create Pomilovers: an online store dedicated to Pomeranians with the finest products for them. But they knew they had to go a step further. In 2023, after three years of research and analysis, DOUDOU was born; a ritual care crafted with natural products and the highest quality, luxurious natural formulas. Motivated by their greatest inspiration, DouDou.

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