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The Ritual Care

Natural and luxury cosmetics
for a holistic pet care ritual
that strengthens your bond

Introducing Doudou, our holistic ritual care designed to nurture your pet's happiness and health

Bubble Charm Shampoo

A luxury shampoo created to hydrate, nourish, and ease grooming. The result is a strengthened, soft and shiny coat with natural volume, thanks to its formulation with aloe vera, coconut oil, vitamin E and panthenol.


Gentle on both skin and coat, this natural composition invites you to share with your beloved pet a treasured care ritual.


Let the charm begin!
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Silk Spell Mask

A lavish mask crafted from natural vegetable oils of coconut, olive, castor, argan, jojoba, and aloe vera, providing hydration and softness to the coat.


In just 3 minutes, transform your pet's coat with our powerful formula! Rice protein strengthens, panthenol and calendula reduce tangles for easier grooming, while tocopherol provides protection.


The result? A healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat await!

Let the spell begin!

Mystic Brew Conditioner

A leave-in conditioner formulated to hydrate, condition, and strengthen while providing shine and softness to the fur, making grooming and maintenance between baths easier.


Exclusive formula including natural oils of coconut, olive, castor, aloe vera, argan and jojoba for nourishing and hydrating.


Additionally, it contains emollient properties along with antioxidants, providing protection against inflammation and soothing effects. Ingredients such as rice protein, calendula, vitamin E and B5 contribute to these properties, further enhancing fur growth.

Let the brew begin!

Enchanted Glow Serum

This luxurious oil serum provides incredible softness and hydration to the coat thanks to its formulation with sweet almond oil, jojoba, argan and silk protein.


Only a few drops are needed to experience the immediate transformation of the coat's texture, leaving it hydrated, protected and boasting extreme shine and softness, thanks also to the presence of vitamin E in tocopherol and crambe seed oil.

Let the glow begin!

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